Is It Better To Record Music Without Headphones?

Want to know if you should be recording your music with or without headphones? We break it down for you.

Is It Better To Record Music Without Headphones

When recording music, a popular debate many sound technicians face is whether it is better to record with or without headphones. For some producers, monitoring their audio levels in real-time can help them make small adjustments as they go along and ensure that the music sounds as close to perfect as possible. On the other hand, this type of monitoring has drawbacks as well — from inducing distraction amongst musicians during takes due to hearing sounds coming from outside sources.

Tips to Record Music Without Headphones

Musicians often need to record music without headphones to get the best sound quality. Recording music with headphones can be difficult because you can only sometimes hear what you're playing. These tips will help you record music without headphones and get the best sound possible.

Make The Place Comfortable

Double-checking your soundproofing is one tip to make the place comfortable while recording music without headphones. Make sure that the walls and floors of your studio are properly insulated so that outside noise doesn't interfere with your recording sessions. Additionally, if you have any hard surfaces like furniture or carpets in the room, it will help absorb some of the sounds from your microphone and reduce echo. Finally, if you're using speakers for playback during a session, ensure they are angled away from any microphones so that their audio doesn't bleed into what you're trying to record.

Set The Device On

To record music without headphones, Tip: Set the device on! The sound of your performance will be louder and clearer if you set the device on a flat surface. This technique helps prevent any possible reverberations caused by standing or holding the device in your hands. Additionally, setting the device up this way can help reduce background noise that might interfere with your recording. With proper placement and an optimal recording environment, you'll be able to capture your artistic vision as accurately as possible.

Test Recording

You must do a test recording first when you are about to record music without headphones. It will help you identify potential issues that may arise during the recording session. Plus, it will ensure that your sound system and equipment are functioning properly before starting the real recording process. Before a test recording, ensure your microphone or instrument is connected correctly and in the right position.

Also, set the optimal levels on your audio interface or mixer to ensure good-quality sound during the test recording. Once everything is ready, play some notes or talk into the microphone and listen back through your studio monitors or headphones. Make sure there's no noise from your gear, and adjust levels if necessary.

Doing a test recording before starting your real session will help you achieve the best possible sound and ensure your recordings sound great.

Get Everything Locked Down

Use multiple sources of sound instead of relying on just one source. For example, instead of recording from an audio interface alone, record with two or more microphones placed in different locations around the room to capture various elements of the space. It will ensure that you have a clean, balanced mix and that nothing gets lost in the recording process.

Another important step is ensuring all levels are set properly before the recording session. It includes ensuring that each input source sends its signal at a level appropriate for recording, as well as setting all your levels to prevent clipping or distortion.

Finally, ensure that your software is set up properly and configured correctly. It includes setting up plug-ins, effects, and other settings to help you get the most out of your recordings.

Use Pro Tools

Recording music without headphones can be challenging, but it doesn't have to be. With the right setup and Pro Tools software, you can easily create high-quality recordings with minimal fuss. Here's a tip for recording music without headphones: use Pro Tools! This comprehensive digital audio workstation offers powerful tools for creating professional music productions.

With its suite of virtual instruments, effects, and mixing options, Pro Tools makes it easy to craft your perfect sound. Additionally, Pro Tools is compatible with most major audio interfaces and DJ mixers, allowing you to record directly from your device of choice.


Though there are many benefits to recording music without headphones, it is ultimately up to the artist to decide what works best for them. The most important thing is that you enjoy the process of making music and producing high-quality recordings that you can be proud of.

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