How to Screenshot on Msi Gaming Laptop?

Need to learn how to screenshot on MSI gaming laptop? Learn how with this easy-to-follow guide!

How to Screenshot on Msi Gaming Laptop

Need to learn how to screenshot on MSI gaming laptop? Learn how with this easy-to-follow guide!

Are you an MSI gaming laptop user dying to figure out how to take a screenshot? You're in luck! This post will cover the basics of taking screenshots with your MSI laptop - no prior knowledge is required.

We'll walk through all the steps and provide some tips so you can start capturing those perfect moments ASAP. So buckle up because it's time to get snap-happy on your MSI machine!

Steps to Take Screenshot on Msi Gaming Laptop

How to screenshot on MSI gaming laptop? Taking a screenshot of your MSI gaming laptop is a simple process. Follow these steps to capture the screen on your device:

1. Locate the key with "PRT SC" or "Print Screen" written on it - you can often find this near the top right corner of your keyboard.

2. Press this key with the "Function" (Fn) button simultaneously, then release both keys together. Doing this will take a snapshot of everything displayed on your laptop's screen and copy it to your clipboard memory.

3. To view or save the screenshot, open any image editing program such as Microsoft Paint, Adobe Photoshop, etc., and paste the screenshot using "Ctrl + V" or right-click and select the option to paste.

4. Save your screenshot as a file for future reference by selecting the "Save As…" option from the File menu of your image editor. Then, choose a suitable format such as .jpg, .png, or .gif.

How Do You Screenshot on a Gaming Keyboard?

Taking screenshots of your gaming sessions is a great way to capture and share memorable moments with friends. Several options are available if you want to take screenshots on a gaming keyboard.

Depending on your gaming keyboard type, you can use built-in features like dedicated screenshot buttons or shortcut keys that allow for quick capturing. Alternatively, you can use software solutions like Steam's screenshot key or third-party programs like Gyazo or LightShot.

Dedicated Screenshot Buttons

Some modern gaming keyboards come equipped with dedicated screenshot buttons, which make it incredibly easy to take screenshots.

Press the button, and the screenshot will be taken and automatically saved on your PC. This is a great way to quickly capture in-game moments without worrying about finding the right shortcut or software solution!

Shortcut Keys

Another option for taking screenshots on gaming keyboards is using shortcut keys such as F12, Print Screen, or Alt+PrtScn.

How these keys work depends on your operating system, so check its user guide before trying this method. If you're using Windows 10, press F12 while playing a game, and the screenshot should be captured automatically.

Steam Screenshot Key

The Steam platform also offers a convenient way to take screenshots without pressing special buttons. Launch the game in Steam, then press Shift+Tab and select "Screenshot" from the menu that appears. This will save a screenshot of your current game session in the same folder as your other Steam screenshots.

Third-Party Programs

If you'd like more control over how your screenshots look or where they are saved, you can also use third-party programs such as Gyazo or LightShot. These programs allow you to customize the location where screenshots are saved, set up hotkeys for taking screenshots, add annotations and effects to your images, and much more!

What is the Shortcut Key to Open Screenshots on a Laptop?

Taking a screenshot of your laptop is an easy way to capture and save something that you want to remember or share with someone else. Many laptops have a shortcut key combination that you can use to take screenshots without needing additional software quickly.

The most common shortcut key combination for taking a screenshot on a laptop is <Ctrl + PrtSc>. When this key combination is pressed, you will save the image in the Screenshots folder located within your Pictures library. You can then open the file from there or use it like any other graphic file. This simple keyboard shortcut makes it easier to capture images of whatever may be on your laptop's screen.


Congratulations! You've just learned how to take a screenshot on your MSI gaming laptop. It doesn't get simpler than this! Hopefully, you're now equipped with the knowledge of how to capture screenshots and share them effortlessly with your friends and family. Now that you can take beautiful screenshots of whatever you like, there is no limit to what you can do. So get out there and start capturing incredible moments, breathtaking views, and more in all their glory – it's never been easier with an MSI gaming laptop!

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