Best Stroller For City Living In 2023

Discover the best stroller for city living. Our guide helps you find compact, maneuverable, and stylish strollers designed for urban environments.

Best Stroller For City Living

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Life in the urban hustle with your little sidekick can be a wild ride. From zipping around sidewalks to sipping lattes on the go, you're acing the urban game. But, of course, you need a stroller that's not just any stroller – it's your partner in crime through the city maze. Lucky for you, we've got your back.

We've compiled a list of the top 5 strollers like urban conquerors on wheels. They're all about making city life with your kiddo a breeze. So, buckle up (well, your little one, at least) as we take you through the best stroller for city living for your city life!

Best Stroller for City Living

How We Choose The Best Stroller for City Living

Navigating city life with a child in tow can be a breeze if you have the best stroller for city living. There are so many options out there. Let's find one that matters when choosing the best one for your urban adventures:

Compact Design:

Look for sleek, slim designs that handle curbs and corners like a champ. Find the best stroller for city living that won't give you a hard time on public transport, stairs, or when popping it into your car. Durable materials without the bulk – that's the goal.

Busy city life means your hands are always full. A stroller with a one-hand folding trick? That's a win. Fold it up while holding your little one or juggling your shopping bags.

Top-Notch Suspension:

City sidewalks can be bumpy, but your stroller ride doesn't have to be. Check out strollers with fancy suspension systems. They give your kiddo a comfy journey even on not-so-smooth surfaces.

City adventures need room for your essentials. Look for a stroller with a nice under-seat large storage basket or extra pockets. That way, you have space for groceries, bags, and everything else.

Adjustable Heights:

We're not all the same height, right? A lightweight stroller with an adjustable handlebar keeps everyone content. No more hunching over or stretching up.

Sun's out, stroller's canopy is in action. You'll want a canopy with a lot of shade and sun protection. Keeping your little one comfy and cool is the name of the game.

City life can get messy, but your stroller doesn't have to show it. Go for one with removable, easy-to-wash fabric. Spills? No biggie.

Travel System:

If you're a public transport pro, consider a stroller that works with infant car seats. No wake-ups when you switch from stroller to car – that's a parent win. Hold up – safety is non-negotiable. Look for strollers with secure harnesses and trusty brakes.

Bonus points for reflective bits for those twilight strolls. How small does it get when folded? City living means tight spaces, so a compact fold is a friend in need – think restaurants, homes, and busy buses.

Wheel Options – Swivel or Not to Swivel:

Swivel wheels for city swerves or fixed wheels for stability? Your call. Swivels are great for tight spots, while fixed wheels keep things steady for faster walks or runs. Look for a best stroller for city living with various recline positions. Some even go nearly flat for those long strolls that turn into siestas.

Steady does it. Good brakes are a must for keeping your munchkin safe. Make sure they're easy to use, even with fancy footwear. Last but not least, don't skip this step. Give the stroller a whirl in-store. Push it around, fold it, and see if it's as comfy as it looks.

Our Top Picks

1-Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Stroller

by Baby Jogger

City Mini GT2 Stroller

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Why We Think It's Rad

Introducing the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Stroller. It is your ultimate companion for effortless urban exploration with your little one. You can experience unmatched comfort as you embark on adventures of all kinds. It has a plush design and innovative features.

Navigate any terrain easily using the Forever Air rubber tires and all-wheel suspension. It delivers a smooth ride that adapts to various surfaces.

Rad Points To Know

The adjustable handlebar ensures personalized steering. In contrast, the hand-operated parking brake adds control at your fingertips. Versatility is at your disposal with four adaptable modes of use. Enhance your stroller with a range of accessories.

It includes the infant car seat, pram, glider board, parent console, and child tray. The included infant car seat adapter works best with all Baby Jogger car seats. Also, it works well with major brands like Britax, Chicco, Cybex, and more.

2-Doona Infant Car Seat

by Doona 

Infant Car Seat

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Why We Think It's Rad

Now, meet the Doona Infant Car Seat – it's like magic! This seat goes from car seat to stroller with a simple move. The safety-first design here, with a 5-point harness and 3-layer side impact protection. Even the handlebar doubles as an anti-rebound bar in the car.

Talk about smart! Cleaning is easy, too. The Doona car seat fabric comes off and is washable. And it's all cozy with baby-safe materials like bamboo and memory foam.

Rad Points To Know

It's FAA Aircraft Approved. You can team up with the Doona Travel Bag for the smoothest travel duo (bag sold separately). The box includes the Doona Infant Car Seat, Bamboo Infant Insert, and Head Support.

It also has a Vehicle Seat Protector and a Car Seat Base. And yep, there's a 2-year manufacturer's warranty – just in case. You can take it on parks, roadsides, and even on terrains.

3-Joolz Premium Baby Stroller

by Joolz 

Premium Baby Stroller

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Why We Think It's Rad

It's all about making life smooth and comfy for you and your little champ. The Joolz Aer+ is like a folding pro; you can do it with one hand! Talk about convenience, right? And guess what? This buddy is with you from 6 months till your kiddo hits four years.

The seat in this stroller is like a mini lounge for your little explorer. You can tweak it into different positions. It is perfect for those power naps and relaxed chill-out moments. Plus, the seat is super supportive for the neck and back – it can carry up to 49 lbs of pure joy.

Rad Points To Know

This stroller is a breeze to carry around. It's a lightweight champ at just 6 kg. And that sun hood? It's huge and super smart – it keeps your munchkin shaded and cool with UPF 50+ protection.

The Joolz Aer+ isn't just about comfort; it's eco-friendly, too. Made with 100% recycled fabrics, it's like strolling towards a greener world. And to top it off, it comes with a 10-year warranty that you can even transfer.

4-Bugaboo Ultra-Compact Stroller

by Bugaboo 

Ultra-Compact Stroller

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Why We Think It's Rad

Introducing the Bugaboo ultra-compact best stroller for city living – your ultimate partner in hassle-free adventures. This stroller isn't just about getting from A to B; it's about doing it with style, ease, and comfort. No more wrestling with complicated folding mechanisms. With the Bugaboo Ultra-Compact, it's a swift, smart move.

And here's the best part – you can do it with just one hand. It's like magic but real. This stroller is a featherweight, tipping the scales at only 16.1 lbs. And it's not just lightweight; it's designed with carrying convenience in mind.

Rad Points To Know

Whether you prefer slinging it over your shoulder with the integrated carry strap or using the adjustable leg rest, you've got options. No more awkward carrying – this stroller gets you. The Ultra-Compact Stroller is designed to cater to your little ones as they grow.

It features a spacious seat with a high backrest and an extra padded inlay for those cozy rides. Your munchkin will be riding in style and comfort.

5-Dream On Me Compact Coast Rider Stroller

by Dream On Me 

Compact Coast Rider Stroller

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Why We Think It's Rad

Introducing the Dream On Me Compact Coast Rider Stroller – where adventure meets innovation. It is an effortless conversion from a stroller to a scooter and rider. It also offers a 275-degree viewing experience that your little one will adore.

And guess what? It's even Disney and theme park size-approved, ensuring unforgettable family outings. Say goodbye to bulky and heavy best strollers. The Coast Rider Stroller is a lightweight champ at just 13.5 lbs. Parents love the easy one-hand fold feature that lets you fold it inward like a book in a snap.

Rad Points To Know

We've got your parents' needs covered, too. The Coast Rider Stroller comes with adjustable handles and push bars. This makes it a comfortable fit for any caregiver. The waterproof fabric ensures a worry-free journey even if the weather isn't on your side.

Looking for more fun? Pair it with the Coast Rider Stroller Canopy and Connector. They are both sold separately for an adventure-packed experience. With five stylish finishes, you can find the perfect match for your style.

Tips to Maintain Stroller | Guide for City Living

So, you've got a city stroller and are all set to rock urban parenting. Awesome! Now, you know how to keep that best stroller for city living in top-notch condition. Here are some handy tips to help you do just that:

1. Cleaning and Wiping Down

First things first, let's talk about cleanliness. Regular cleaning is your buddy here. Grab a damp cloth and give your stroller's frame, stroller seat, and all the accessible parts a good wipe-down.

If you can remove the fabric, follow the instructions for washing and drying. And don't forget those wheels—they deserve some love too!

2. Lubricating Moving Parts

Moving on to keeping things moving smoothly. Those wheels and folding parts? They could use a little love, too. Get yourself some silicone-based lubricant and give those pivot points and joints a touch-up. That's going to keep things quiet and easy to handle.

Check them out regularly for any wear and tear. If they look worse for wear, swap them out for new ones. And keep those tires pumped up as recommended. Your stroller will glide like a champ on the city streets.

Take a moment now and then to check if anything is blocking the folding mechanism. Keep it clean and give it a touch of lubrication. That'll make sure it folds up as smooth as butter.

3. Cleaning and Protecting Fabrics

Now, let's talk about those fabrics. Spills and stains do happen, but you've got this. Use a fabric protector to keep the mess at bay. And when it's time for a cleanup, follow the instructions for washing.

Your stroller's sun canopy has your little one covered. Keep it clean and free from any funky stuff. If you can take it off, go by the instructions for cleaning. And don't forget to give the frame a quick check-up for any issues.

4. Storage Considerations

When your stroller's off-duty, give it a comfy place to chill. If you can, keep it indoors to shield it from the elements. If it has to stay outside, throw on a weatherproof cover. Rain, sun, and dust won't stand a chance.

Rust, ugh. Keep an eye out for any rusty spots on the frame. If you spot 'em, don't panic. Gently scrub with fine steel wool, then add a rust inhibitor. If needed, touch up with paint that matches.

5. Regular Inspections

A quick inspection can save the day. Tighten any loose screws or bolts. Look for fraying straps or worn-out stitching. Fix those up to keep your stroller safe and comfy.

Your stroller has limits, just like us. Stick to the stroller weight limits for your kiddo and any extra storage. Going overboard can stress out the frame and parts, and nobody wants that.

Best Stroller for City Living FAQs

Is a travel stroller good for everyday use?

Travel strollers can work for daily use due to their compactness. However, they might lack certain features compared to full-size strollers.

Is a stroller allowed on international flights?

Generally, airlines allow strollers for children. It's recommended to check your airline's specific rules regarding stroller dimensions and storage.

Is a baby stroller allowed on Emirates flights?

Yes, Emirates allows best city strollers for infants. Different rules apply based on the cabin class, so review their guidelines before flying.

Are strollers free on airlines?

Most airlines allow strollers for children at no extra cost. However, specific policies vary, and oversized or additional items might incur fees.

What size stroller can you gate check at the airport?

Generally, city strollers that fold compactly can be gate-checked. However, size limits vary, often around 20 x 20 x 40 inches. Confirm with your airline.

Do I need a stroller cover for the airport?

Using a stroller rain cover is advisable for protection during travel. It safeguards your stroller from dirt and damage in the airport's handling process.

Best Stroller for City Living: Wrapping Up

Be sure to give a nod to the manufacturer's guidelines. They're like the best stroller for city living whisperers, offering specific advice for your model. Stick with their tips to keep your warranty intact and your best stroller for city living in tip-top shape. And that's a wrap! With the above tips in your back pocket, you're all set to make the most of city life with your trusty double stroller. Happy strolling!