Best Commercial Grade Meat Grinder For Hotels

The best commercial grade meat grinder is a valuable tool for the food industry and cooks. These have a hygienic design and are easy to clean.

Best Commercial Grade Meat Grinder

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The best commercial grade meat grinder is a valuable tool for the food industry and cooks. Various sizes and capacities of the best commercial meat grinders that are available in the market to meet different needs.

Outstanding features of commercial meat mincers include powerful motors, robust construction, high quality blades, and easy operation. These features allow large amounts of meat to be processed at once, producing uniform minced meat. The commercial meat grinder also has a hygienic design and is easy to clean. We’ve compiled the top 5 products from Amazon.

How We Choose The Best Commercial Grade Meat Grinder

Meat grinders are important equipment for efficient and high-quality meat processing in commercial applications such as restaurants and food processing industries.

But with so many options out there, choosing the best commercial grade meat grinder is important. Here's how to make the best choice by considering these factors:

Performance and Ability

The performance and capacity of a commercial meat grinder are important factors when choosing. A powerful motor is required to grind meat quickly and efficiently. High motor power allows you to process large amounts of meat.

A commercial meat grinder's capacity indicates how much meat it can process at one time. Consider the performance and capabilities that fit your needs.

Durability and Robustness

A commercial meat grinder must withstand long periods of use and high volumes of processing. It is important to choose durable construction and robust materials.

Robust materials such as stainless steel can withstand long-term use. It's also a good idea to check reviews and ratings for product reliability and durability.

Blade Quality and Versatility

The quality of the commercial meat grinder blades is directly related to the uniformity of the ground meat. High quality blades can produce fast and uniform minced meat.

Also, commercial meat grinders come in different blade types. You can choose two cutting blades or a multifunctional blade that allows you to adjust the coarseness and fineness of the minced meat. Choose a blade that fits your needs.


Hygienic design is important for commercial meat grinders. It is important to choose products that are easy to clean and maintain hygiene.

Determine if there are removable parts or features that are easy to clean. Also, understand how to maintain your commercial meat grinder to keep it in hygienic condition.


Prices for commercial meat grinders vary greatly depending on features and capabilities. There may be cheaper options, but be careful with quality and durability. Compare prices carefully to find the best balance.

Brand Reputation

Choosing a product from a reputable brand is an important factor when purchasing a commercial meat grinder. Reputable brands tend to offer quality products.

Power Usage

A commercial grade meat grinder must be able to process large amounts of meat quickly and efficiently. Power usage will be an important factor.

Equipped with high-performance motors and energy-saving designs, meat grinders help you work efficiently. Check the power consumption and choose a food grinder with an appropriate power supply.


Due to the very heavy duty and use of commercial meat grinders, product warranties are an important factor. Consider buying those with at least 2-3 years of warranty.

Factors such as performance and capacity, durability and robustness, blade quality and versatility, and cleaning and hygiene are important factors to consider when choosing a commercial meat grinder. Choose the best commercial meat grinder for your needs and budget.

Our Top Picks

1-Weston Pro Series Electric Meat Grinder

by Weston 

Pro Series Electric Meat Grinder

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Why We Think It's Rad

It has a powerful 1.5HP motor for continuous grinding of large volumes of meat. The meat grinder's 1.5HP, 1120 watt motor is cooled and lubricated continuously to grind large amounts of meat without stopping.

It has high speed grinding power. Plus, the electric meat grinder is designed to eliminate the need for a tray guard with its rifled head design and tapered throat. It can grind 14 pounds of meat per minute.

Rad Points To Know

The Weston Meat Grinder offers quiet performance and rugged durability to handle hundreds of pounds of meat. Forward and reverse modes are useful for grinding tougher meats or meats with connective tissue.

The grinder comes with a patented auger grabbing stomper, a patented covered storage tray, and coarse (7 mm) and fine (4.5 mm) polished stainless steel plates.

2-WESTON BRANDS Series Electric Meat Grinder


BRANDS Series Electric Meat Grinder

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Why We Think It's Rad

The Weston Brand Series Electric Meat Grinder has great features designed to process meat efficiently. First, the powerful 1.5HP motor and electric grinder can continuously grind a large amount of meat with 1125 watts output. So you can process the meat quickly and efficiently.

This electric meat grinder is designed for speed and allows for quick grinding jobs. The rifle head design and tapered throat eliminate the need for a tray guard. It performs quietly even when handling hundreds of pounds of meat.

Rad Points To Know

This meat grinder also has forward and manual grinders with reverse modes. It is used to effectively grind tougher meats with tendons or connective tissue.

Additionally, a sausage stuffer kit is also included, featuring adapter spacers and four different sized funnels. Forward mode allows you to grind normally, while reverse mode allows you to work on difficult, tough meat areas and tissues.

3-LEM Products Stainless Electric Meat Grinder

by LEM 

Stainless Electric Meat Grinder

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Why We Think It's Rad

LEM Products Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinders are designed for efficient and reliable meat processing. The feeding tube on the head has a large hole to allow larger chunks of meat to be fed to the auger. The meat pan can hold up to 3 lbs of meat. Plus, it is ETL approved. It also has a 5 foot cord stowed under the enclosure.

The powerful 500 Watt motor (1000 Watt max) runs on 120V and is constantly lubricated. It has full speed, slow speed, and pulse reverse functions to meet your different meat handling needs. It does efficient grinding work regardless of the size and shape of the meat to be processed.

Rad Points To Know

The meat pan is large enough to hold up to 3 pounds of meat, increasing your work efficiency. A 5-foot cord is stored under the housing for compact storage. Accessories include a solid stainless steel knife and meat stomper. By using these tools, stable operation, and safe meat handling can be achieved.

4-GoWISE USA 2000-Watt Electric Grinder


2000-Watt Electric Grinder

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Why We Think It's Rad

With the GoWISE 3-in-1 Electric Meat Grinder, you can process food instantly while knowing what you're eating. This electric meat grinder is equipped with a DC motor that operates at 600 watts and can be used up to 2000 watts for tougher meats.

It can grind 4 pounds of meat per minute. The 3-in-1 meat grinder comes with 100% food grade stainless steel accessories that are perfect for food processing.

Rad Points To Know

It has 3 metal alloy electric grinders, plates, stainless steel cutting blade, a plastic food tray, a sausage maker attachment, a millet kit, a food pusher, and more. The cast aluminum body is sturdy yet keeps the meat grinder lightweight and easy to carry.

The 3-in-1 meat grinder has one switch to use for different operations. Use the reverse button if you jam the unit, the forward button for grinding meat or stuffing, and the off button to stop.

5-Cuisinart Electric Meat Grinder

by Cuisinart 

Electric Meat Grinder

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Why We Think It's Rad

The Cuisinart Electric Meat Grinder is a versatile and efficient appliance that brings convenience and precision to your kitchen. The plates allow you to adjust the thickness of your ground meat, offering you the choice between medium and coarse textures.

It comes with two sausage attachments. These attachments enable you to make your own breakfast links and regular sausages, giving you control over the ingredients and flavors.

Rad Points To Know

When activated, the reverse function releases any clogged foods, ensuring smooth operation and uninterrupted grinding. This feature saves you the hassle of dismantling the grinder or manually removing obstructions, allowing you to focus on your culinary creations.

In addition to its impressive performance, it is designed with user convenience in mind. Its compact size makes it easy to store, while its sleek and durable construction ensures longevity.

Tips To Take Care of Commercial Grade Meat Grinder

The best commercial grade meat grinder requires proper care in order to function efficiently over the long term. Proper care will extend the life of your meat grinder and keep it in a hygienic condition. Below are some tips for caring for a commercial meat grinder.

Carry Out Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is important to keep your commercial meat grinder performing well. Before and after use, the meat grinder should be disassembled, each part cleaned and dried. Also, don't forget to remove the dust and debris around the contacts of the parts and the motor.

Practice Good Cleaning Practices

Parts of the meat grinder may require hand washing. Take special care to clean the blades and the grinder plates to remove any food deposits.

Polish the Blade and Plate

Meat grinder blades and grinding plates will require regular sharpening to maintain their sharpness. Dull blades and plates can lead to poor meat grinder performance and poor meat processing quality. Properly sharpen the blade and plate with a special sharpening stone or grit.

Use Oil

Some parts of commercial meat grinders must be lubricated. This reduces friction and allows the meat grinder to run smoothly. Follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Practice Good Storage

If you don't use your meat grinder for an extended period of time, practice proper storage. It is also recommended to use a special case or cover to protect the parts.

Perform Regular Inspections

Be aware of the meat grinder's movement, noise, and vibration, and seek professional advice if necessary.

Watch Out for Wear and Tear on Parts

Check the meat grinder parts regularly for wear or damage. Especially if the blades, plates, gears, etc., are worn out, they should be replaced.

Observe Proper Usage

Proper use of the meat grinder is also part of the care. Avoid applying excessive force or using it continuously for a long time. Also, be careful not to put in more bite electric meat grinder than the indicated capacity. You can effectively protect your meat grinder by following the correct usage instructions.

Use Quality Accessories

It is important that the best meat grinders and grinder accessories are durable and of good quality. By using genuine parts and accessories, you will be able to operate and maintain your meat grinder more effectively. We recommend that you choose a reliable product over a cheap compatible product.

Practice Good Hygiene

Commercial meat grinders are used to process food, so hygiene is very important. Wash hands before use to avoid food cross-contamination. Also, remember to thoroughly clean and disinfect your meat grinder after processing.

Proper care of a commercial grade meat grinder is essential to ensure food safety and quality. It's important to follow the tips above to keep your meat grinder in top condition.

Best Commercial Grade Meat Grinder FAQs

What is a commercial meat grinder?

A commercial meat grinder is a specialized piece of equipment designed for high volume meat processing. It is used in industries such as catering and food processing to grind large amounts of meat efficiently and quickly. Commercial meat grinders are made with durable, sturdy construction.

What is the best material for a meat grinder?

Stainless steel is the main material of choice for meat grinders. It also allows for efficient meat grinding without compromising food quality.

What is a number 5 meat grinder?

The number 5 meat grinder is a type of smaller meat grinder. It is generally suitable for domestic and small commercial use and is used to grind small amounts of meat. Its compact size makes it easy to handle and suitable for simple meat grinding.

What is the number 12 meat grinder?

The number 12 meat grinder is a type of medium-sized meat grinder. It is suitable for domestic and medium-sized commercial applications and can efficiently grind medium-sized meats. In general, the number 12 meat grinder is multifunctional and can meet your different meat grinding needs.

What is a number 22 meat grinder?

The number 22 meat grinder is a type of large meat grinder. It is suitable for commercial applications and large-volume meat processing and can grind large amounts of meat at high speed. The number 22 meat grinder has a powerful motor and large capacity, suitable for professional meat grinding.

The most popular size meat grinder is generally the number 12 meat grinder. The number 12 meat grinder is used in many homes and medium-sized restaurants and is suitable for processing medium amounts of meat. The number 12 meat grinder also has a wide range of features and flexibility, making it versatile.

Best Commercial Grade Meat Grinder: Wrapping Up

If you are tired of taking your raw meat to butcher shops for minced meat, then a manual meat grinder is the perfect option for you! The best manual grinder, a commercial grade meat grinder, is an essential tool for the food industry and cooks. These electric and manual meat grinders can grind large amounts of meat quickly, reducing food preparation time.

When choosing a top quality commercial meat grinder, it is important to consider the size and capacity to meet your needs. It's also a good idea to choose trusted brands and highly rated products. Commercial meat grinders improve the work of the food industry and cooks, making them more efficient.